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Wallets suck. Seriously. Mine hurts my butt when I sit down. I have to remember to take it with me, and then I’m always afraid of losing it. There’s nothing fun about it. And…well…it’s dirty. It really is—money is dirty, and the cards you hand to people with dirty hands that handle dirty cards all...
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  I wrote this blog last year, when the event happened. So I thought I would share the Festive Season joy once more. Let the experience resonate. And soon, tell you what happened THIS year.     Last night, as I stepped from a city transit bus, within the half minute I realized my wallet...
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Take 10 minutes to photocopy all of the important items in your wallet right now. Be sure to photocopy the back and front of your driver’s license, credit cards and other identifying information. Keep the photocopies somewhere locked and safe in your home or office.  Hopefully your wallet is never...