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Chapter One Ft. Lauderdale, FloridaCharles (Skip) Horowitz was just finishing one of his marathon Friday afternoon meetings in front of his team of account opening experts. Seventy brokers - including six people from trading, A.J. from compliance, and Matt from lead generation, sat half sleeping as...
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Hard to feel much sympathy for the Republicans and the sloppy pool of tizzy they high- dived into. Perplexed as how to combat financial regulatory legislation, they are bouncing back and forth between a filibuster and a compromise like a ping- pong ball in a stainless steel shower stall. Their...
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Check out this recently published non-fiction book titled "Developed Minds, Developing Minds and the Stupid Terrorists". This book talks about the many socio-economic and political issues rattling a number of countries around the globe. Very interesting read.  Amazon link to the book:...
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My friend Farnsworth, a Wall Street stockbroker, called last night and said, ``How's the writing game going?'' `` So-so at best.'' I said. ``Same here,'' said Farnsworth. ``Well,'' I said, ``from the news, I see that at least you and much of Wall Street just got your swine flu shots, unlike the...
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Take a look at this New York Times article below. Wall Street is basically doing what I wrote about in Accidents Waiting to Happen a few year back.  I hope I didn't give anyone any ideas. Wall Street Pursues Profit in Bundles of Life Insurance
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WALL STREET, N.Y., May 1...Declaring that "only collective action can restore our faith in ourselves and each other,"  writer Igor Yopsvoyomatsky yesterday urged every American to "stop spending"  for one day next week.   Speaking to a boisterous crowd in New York's  financial...
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There's little doubt 2009 will be a year of turmoil. If we are wise, it can also be an opportunity for reflection. The turnaround in U.S. fortunes has been sudden ... and deep. Wall Street is in shambles. The U.S. auto industry is nearing collapse. The swoon of the U.S. economy has dragged other...
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Those who think a government bailout of Detroit’s Big Three will save jobs should think again. This from today’s New York Times: “G.M., the world’s largest automaker for decades, said Tuesday that it was in such dire straits that it would deeply cut jobs, factories, brands and executive pay as part...
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When I was growing up in Canada in the early 1940s, we always turned on the radio to keep us company during breakfast, but instead of the doom and gloom headlines with which we currently begin every day in 2008 (whether we tune in to radio, television, or the Internet), my family of origin listened...
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Picture this cartoon: An impeccably-groomed CEO emerges from his chauffeured limo to join the line outside the welfare office. In front of him stand others of his ilk, waiting impatiently to pick up a check.  With very little exaggeration, that was the scene in Washington this week as the chiefs of...