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The June 24th Wall Street Journal carried this blurb in the front-page What's News column: A woman has been chosen for promotion to the rank of four-star general for the first time in American history. For someone whose novel features the wives of four new army officers in the spring of 1970 and...
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I read with interest the recent Wall Street Journal article on book trailers, and their effects on sales and visibility for authors and their books. The good news is that book trailers have come a long way since I first wrote about them on M.J. Rose's wonderful blog salon, Buzz, Balls and Hype,...
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The June 3, 2008, Wall Street Journal carried an article by Woody Hochswender entitled "He Made Pantsuits Suit Working Women" in a tribute to designer Yves Saint Laurent, who died in Paris June 1. I related to Hochswender's article on two levels. First, in my book MRS. LIEUTENANT: A...
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It’s college graduation season – and while this season gives me numerous blogging topics for www.flippingburgersandbeyond.blogspot.com – I’m talking about something different in this www.mrslieutenant.blogspot.com post. And this something different is that, throughout the U.S., there are graduating...
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The Wall Street Journal noticed me not long ago. My book was one of five described in a Journal overview of new titles that "help untangle the mysterious popularity of conspiracy theories." The only bad publicity, they say, is no publicity, and I suppose there is some truth to that. There...