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Joseph Epstein is a conservative writer, mid-70s, who has spent much of his literary life pissing off readers with liberal or left values. His newest piece in the Wall Street Journal—“The Late, Great American WASP”—is a case in point, worshipping a bygone American WASP-ocracy that...
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The Wall Street Journal recently published an article written by Julie Barlow and Jean-Benoît Nadeau:  Cinco de Mayo No Hecho in México, Actually.  In the article they rightly noted that Cinco de Mayo is not celebrated all that much in Mexico outside of the State of Puebla.  To...
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The Wall Street Journal reports that Barnes & Noble is planning to close 30% of their stores over the next decade. A closure rate of 20-stores-per-year is planned. About, 400 to 500 of the B&N stores are expected survive the purge. The Journal notes, as recently as the...
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              A year or two ago I was having a conversation with a friend who is a one-half of one per center.  He stated that anybody could be bought for a price.  I didn’t think so.  At the time I was busy writing a book about growing up...
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Seriously, is there no end? When is mainstream publishing going to get in the game? These people keep getting proven time and time again to not know a good book if they read one, yet are still held up as the arbitars of what belongs on the book shelves. Today's WSJ profiles yet another author ...
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This last month has been very busy.  Read more
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Go to the front page of the July 19th Wall Street Journal for an entertaining article about Victorian underwear.  The title of the article is "How to Undress a Victorian Lady in Your Next Novel," by Alexandra Alter. Earlier today, I provided a web address for the corresponding video...
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 My radio co-host Gary Lycan sent me a very interesting item today. According to published news sources:                           The GORES GROUP, which controls radio syndicator WESTWOOD ONE and CD/DVD/video game distributor ALLIANCE ENTERTAINMENT, is bidding to buy bookstore chain BORDERS out...
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I completed a rough sketch of the three acts of The Gravediggers, and have been working hard at just writing, and not thinking too much.  Thinking too much, researching too much--such things are purposeful distractions and resistances.  So I've just been writing--chapters, fragments, sketches,...
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"As they age, women who are overweight often look younger than other women."   "Overweight people are no more likely than those of normal weight to die of cancer or cardiovascular disease."  "During a ten-year time span, there was a reduced risk of dying for people in...