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For David Foster Wallace     Wait     Wait, for now. Distrust everything, if you have to. But trust the hours. Haven't they carried you everywhere, up to now? Personal events will become interesting again. Hair will become interesting. Pain will become interesting. Buds that...
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I'm thinking today about patience, and projects, and pushing, and passion, and the relationship between all these Ps. I'm project-oriented. I'm a serial creative monogamist. All my life, I've found passions to immerse myself in: utterly, short-term. I've dived in, sunk down, wallowed.... I've...
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One of the problems with blogging is that it's so easy to degenerate into a stream-of-consciousness writing style, the antithesis of good writing. The skilful "bloggist" needs to constantly remind himself/herself that not every synapse that fires off in the privacy of his/her cranium is...
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  Today is a Red-Letter Day!  The term “Red-Letter Day” comes to us across the centuries.  Church festivals and saint days were traditionally written in red ink – thus “Red-Letter Days.”  And, while it is Holy Week there is cause for personal celebration making today a Red-Letter Day for me!...
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The gestational period for an elephant is 22 months. Twenty-two months of discomfort and anxiety. Twenty-two months of nurturing and hoping. Twenty-two months of waiting and waiting and waiting. I am an overdue elephant. My baby (and so many writers have called their books “babies” for good reason...