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More than 1500 downloads now! Mayan Interface is still free on Kindle through 12/10. http://www.amazon.com/Mayan-Interface-ebook/dp/B009JW4R6S/ref=tmm_kin_ti...
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I am sooo excited.  Saw a commercial for a credit card that solved this man's life problems.  See, his girlfriend accused him of being boring - ouch.  First, I found that hard to believe.  Come on, how can you be boring?  What, aren't you drinking the right beer/soda/coffee...
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  Find it here. You can now order the paperback from Amazon, other internet sites, or your favorite bookstore.
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Wow! How fantastic today's radio show was with Heather  Brittany giving great tips on how to stay healthy at work, followed by mega best selling romance author, Lori Foster, who also connects authors & readers at Get Togethers, and Hallie Ephron, Boston Globe columnist, one of the famous four...
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Move over cards, cocaine, and nicotine, Virtual Reality is the new addiction. It isn’t restricted to the realms of academe or science fiction. Whether you know it or not, it’s going to change your life. It already may have done so. Stanford University Professor Jeremy Bailenson is co-author of a...
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By ANASTASIA ASHMAN Rounding up zillions of links resonant to our community that cross my screen... These are the kind of things I share *daily* on my Twitter feed -- follow me or get the feed sent directly to your feed reader. The internet is over. That is, "the boundary between 'real life'...
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I just got back from Book Island in Second Life. Yep, a virtual world I visit for play and work. I wrote about virtual worlds in a previous post. Here’s a bit of what I said: “All virtual worlds have virtues that make them valuable whether we’re talking about your mind, a book you read or wrote...
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There can never be a "civilizations clash", for the simple fact that Civilization is only the natural tendency of humanity towards its evolution to perfection. Civilization has no other goal than to widen the field of conscience of man and, therefore, his responsibility towards himself,...