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Seriously, Make this the year you truly lose your virginity. Well, maybe not your sexual virginity but your, "I want to do something different with my life," virginity or your " I have an idea but I just don't have time to get it started." virginity, or maybe your "This job sucks but where else am...
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I am tired of kissing. First it was kissing as an art, now it is a science. Can people not just be left alone to do with their mouths what they wish to do? How many of you have ever looked at the Kama Sutra for tips? I doubt it. Every glossy worth its smooth skin has covered this subject...
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We read about the prized virgins in backward countries and are offended. We read about hymenoplasty and are offended. How about ‘priced’ virgins? A 19-year-old in New Zealand auctioned her virginity online for $32,000 for tuition money. She used the pseudonym ‘Unigirl’. Her ad said, “I am offering...
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In some countries, women are killed for not being virgins.  In a May 2005 paper entitled, "The Economic Advancement of Women in Jordan:  A Country Gender Assessment," the World Bank reported that 95% of the women killed in Jordan in 1997 for alleged violations of family honor were later...
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A piece in the Weekly Standard --"The Worst Thing About Gay Marriage: it isn't Going to Work" by Sam Schulman--argues against gay marriage by claiming those in opposition aren't necessarily opposed to it because of what the Bible says, but because the true purpose of marriage cannot be...