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    After a few action-packed high-culture days in Toronto at the Canadian Creative Writers and Writing Programs biannual conference, I arrived back in Montreal to familiar familial bedlam, co-starring my favourite swisster-in-law and the youngest of her brood, twin two-year-olds,...
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That people can be incredibly vicious or amazingly enlightened was an unofficial lesson I learned while attending a Quaker summer camp in northern California in the summer of 1967. I quickly became good friends with Michael, who at age 12 was already a confirmed pacifist. The camp was divided into...
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Shadow Hobbies     Somebody signing the motel registry left-handed, someone else pretending to be my dad or brother. The vodka from my father's boot in the pocket of my jeans jacket.     Kneeling, a new kind of cardboard angel. Bending, and falling out of windows.    ...
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A conversation begins   with a lie. and each   speaker of the so-called common language feels the ice-floe split, the drift apart   as if powerless, as if up against a force of nature   A poem can begin with a lie. And be torn up.    Adrienne Rich, Cartographies of...
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The Tongue-tied Misfit and the Language of ViolenceStory tools Comments AAAResize Print Share and Email New America Media, Commentary, Andrew Lam, Posted: Apr 03, 2012 Editor’s Note: NAM editor Andrew Lam wrote a slightly different version of this piece in 2009 after...
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Last week in Chicago, I attended the AWP Conference, which is a gathering of writers, creative writing professors, and students. While the event included some great speakers and readers such as Margaret Atwood, Jennifer Egan, and Darin Strauss, I also found a number of panels involving. In fact on...
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The Third Reich, by Roberto Bolaño     image via cleveland.com I'm posting a book review a little earlier in the week than usual - for the reason noted at the bottom of the post. Right off the bat, let me say that this book isn’t about Nazi Germany any more than Norman Mailer’s book, “...
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There is a dark undercurrent of thuggery in Greater Victoria that both chills me to the bone and brings my blood to a boil. In the last few weeks, I have heard from two women who tell of two separate incidents that prove scientists’ assertions that Neanderthals are extinct to be completely bogus....
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    A book annalist once told me that he didn’t care for Eric’s "excessive and casual violence.” Kindly enough, this gentleman proceeded to help me by suggesting that I read one or two books from a popular author with a character he felt was similar to mine. The good news was...
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