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violence in America | violence in America

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Geoffrey Canada, author of Fist Stick Knife Gun, who grew up in the Bronx in the fifties and sixties, explains that guns were never a part of his childhood. Violence, sure, fights, a rite-of-passage, but guns? No. So why is it children are now armed? Ironically, he explains, the culprit was the...
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When you look at violence in human history, the hysteria about mass shootings and gun violence in America may seem overblown. The annual homicide rate in our most violence cities—53 per 100,000 in Detroit, 51 per 100,000 in New Orleans—pales in comparison to the murder rate during the Crusades,...
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Solely as s a matter of illustration of how far PETA and other animal-rights/anti-violence movements have come, vis-a-vis 1972 and today, we offer this visual example of "turnabout as fair play." This is certainly NOT "blatant self-promotion." Never entered my mind. Cross my heart... -- Earl...
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Once upon a time there was a rabbit warren where the bunnies lived their lives peacefully. . . most of the time. But every so often, frequently in fact, a bunny or two would go beserk and, grabbing hold of a large carrot, would use it to bludgeon other bunnies to death. "Why is this happening...