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*still drawing a blank If I am to believe the myriad spambots pooping their little bot larvae into my email, then I'm in serious need of a bigger, harder... watch. Perhaps I underestimate their intelligence and the spammers actually know I pawned my Breitling Colt to pay the bills while writing...
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 The above McCarthy quote has nothing to do with anything, other than that I'm stumped for a title for this quick update. From the Short Notice Files: Any San Francisco locals curious about Vincent Louis Carrella's Serpent Box, you're in luck. He's reading tonight at the Booksmith on Haight St....
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My friend and I sling drinks in a post-1906 quake building, an historic ex-brewery within a Bermuda Triangle of upscale nightclubs. Places with no signs and big doormen manning the velvet ropes stretched out into panhandler territory. We're on the no-man's edge between San Francisco's Silicon Gulch...