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In honor of my 52nd birthday and National Poetry Month, I decided to try my hand at a villanelle.   Today a candle burns for me somewhere With a flame that is hot from wax to wick. Wish, breathe, wish, pray, cross your fingers, breathe, blow.   A child’s rite of passage floats in the air...
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Best American Poetry: A Conversation Between Brian Bouldrey and Jane Hirshfield from: http://blog.bestamericanpoetry.com/the_best_american_poetry/2011/09/boul...   September 22, 2011 A Conversation between Brian Bouldrey & Jane Hirshfield, Pt. 2 photo (c) Robert Hatch Photography (...
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Trip on Sunday to Oakland for brunch with Lucy Day and Richard Levine and their friends, Dan Langton, a poet who teaches at San Francisco State, and his wife Eve, plus poet Alan Goldfarb and his wife Arlene. There are times when things just really click and one can only give thanks… thanks to one’s...
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This is a poem, "One Art," that I seem to have known before, _long_ before I first read it, and foolishly forgot, and then it comes back into my life and it's there again as if it had never not been there. One Art     by Elizabeth Bishop The art of losing isn't hard to master;so many...
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Following the Oct. 17, 1989 San Francisco Bay Area earthquake, I started writing in rhyme—the stricter the form the better. That’s because I was scared, scared shitless and on behalf of my friends, neighbors and family, I wanted the world to come to order. “Settle down, world, settle down!” Fear...