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SAN FRANCISCO--What everyone’s been saying for a while about the Bay Area, the 2010 Census has confirmed. The East is acquiring greater weight in the life of the region because the Asian American population is surging. Politically and culturally, the result is something of a rumbling mid-Richter...
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A friend who is wise in the ways how East and West interact recently quipped that, “you know your cultural heritage is a major success when someone else is selling it back to you.” He said this after I observed that all my yoga teachers are white, and that it’s ironic that Steven Spielberg produced...
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This is a story soon to be published in Manoa Journal Winter 2010 issue. Here's a segment preview...   At the Love Leather   Mr. Le looked up one morning from mending a vest at the Love Leather and saw a very good-looking Asian kid, his oldest grandson’s age, maybe, seventeen at the most, staring...
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My sister and I are sisters by fate. We wish the circumstances connecting our lives had been different, but we are perpetually grateful we are sisters.   Beth and I celebrate Sister’s Day, which falls on as many days of the year as we need it to. The basic requirements for Sister’s Day are shopping...