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  A still of British Colonials playing cricket in Kuala Lumpur at the Selangor Club, 1952, from a Youtube Video.   Yesterday, I found what I've been looking for. A video of the 1953 March of Time about Malaya and the Communist Emergency that shows my grandmother, Dorothy Nixon, scoring...
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I think I do the best that I can do with what I have to offer.  If it's writing, I try my best to keep things real and lively.  I am toying with some audio pieces to go with my poetry.  It's real cool.  I already did some video projects with my shorter poems that I am...
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  My fourth reader slideshow is done, and this time it's all Pay it Forward, all the time. Many thanks to those who sent in photos of themselves with the book. If you watch this slideshow and think it looks like fun to be part of it, I'll probably do another at some point. So do feel free to...
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I like this video interview with John Irving. We obviously share two things in common. We both write longhand and we both write on both sides of the page (I have done so for decades). We have different living quarters, but I'm trying to change that (for me - not him).   John Irving...
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And you don't want to know what is found between the sheets. OK, this Book Trailer is just a lot of fun and ... actually well made and interesting. Yes, a big time publisher paid professionals big time money for it but, authors take not. So many book videos are so amateurish as to embarrass, not...
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I have seen book advertisements on the real TeeVee (trailers if one so wishes to name them) and I take a look. I gotta say those static ones with stills and prose and generic music do not help the cause. * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *   Reddit Adds Site for Literary Videos By Jason Boog In...
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I thought this Saturday Night Live video showing Maya Angelou pranking famous author friends was hilarious.  Who would you like to see in the second installment?  I would like to see her prank Salman Rushdie or Gore Vidal.     
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Firefighters in San Leandro, California, responded to a fire and ended up rescuing several people. Capt Pappas wore a helmet cam so the activities were captured as the firetruck raced through the streets, pulled up and the action began. As a person and citizen, the story created compelling viewing...
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I’m checking things off my list of to dos. One of the things that’s been on that list for months has been to make a three-minute video to post on Marla Miller’s Women Over 45: Speak website - another tool for marketing my memoir, Leaving the Hall Light On. And with the help of my son...
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The coolest thing (of all the very cool things) I discovered today in all my research (which included everything from Pancho Barnes to Errol Flynn to LA’s Zoot Suit Riots) was this gorgeous little film clip of downtown Los Angeles in the 1940s.