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Urban Yogini is a reluctant superhero who can't use violence. Check out the pitch on Indiegogo here:    
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  If you are having a bad day, check out this video. It will make you feel better, no matter what ails you.       https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?v=297050401057&set=vb.508431057&type=2&theater          
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Hold On (Click to Watch Video) Hold on, hold on to yourself...this is gonna hurt like hell. I posted this just under a year ago.  In light of Boston and Texas, it seems appropriate.  Songs convey emotion that words alone can not. Loss is universal and the pain reminds us all that we...
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There's always a point in a story where the triggering idea (what makes me want to start a story)  falls flat. It's time to improvise and  generate material within the story. At this point I can't think of what to do.  There is a  wobbly line inside my head that says this is a...
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I tried something new last year: teaching online. I live and write in California, but I’ve been teaching creative writing at Southern New Hampshire University via the internet. I’ve never been to New Hampshire. Even so, part of me is there. It’s a new world. One thing I quickly learned about...
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"I long, as does every human being, to be at home wherever I find myself "  Maya Angelou __________________________________________________________ We arrived in Kenosha with Mel and me in the middle of a disagreement. We never actually fought, but I could fray her nerves. I know I said I...
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I have created a new blog on the Law of Attraction and how to make it work for you. You are welcome to visit the site at the link given below: http://successbookstore.webs.com/    
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Same Love (Click to Watch Video) This is an important video and an even more important issue. The idea that anyone's babies would feel alone or harm themselves because of something that makes them who they are is heartbreaking. Enough is enough, let people be. If we all tended to our own...
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GlobalNiche.net's gift to help you build your online presence your way: a 45-minute video workshop of solid basics for beginners & fresh perspective for intermediates "Before I watched this video workshop I felt I couldn't catch up.Tara's personable style and the way she...
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Giving yourself cancer does not do much for your self-image. I don't even have the will to call one of those 1-800 lines to see if I can join their class-action suit. Should the bill come due, I will have to pay. During those first days of chemo, with my mind racing at its manic pace, I became...