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The Invisible Woman   a film review   by Jeanne Powell  “The Invisible Woman” was featured at the New York, Telluride and Toronto film festivals in 2013.  Nelly Lawless Ternan was that invisible woman, a vital part of Charles Dickens’ last decade, and she...
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Hope you'll look at my new piece in Huffington Post on "The Cult of Beauty"...
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I'm procrastinating beginning the ending of Jekyll, Hyde and Jack the Ripper book. While cruising around to some blogs, I came across a conversation between Dan Chaon and Jonathan Evison and procrastination came up. What? Is it possible that other writers procrastinate? Well, how about that. After...
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Galen Hawke feels that his dearly departed friend has been dealt the stab of betrayal: John, the young man with whom he was imprisoned while in India, loved Miss Haley Moreland and longed for the day that he could join her in marriage. Now, after John's death, sly Miss Moreland is merely...