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Is your “top dog” a senior citizen canine? Join the crowd! Fifty percent of owners share their hearts with pets age 7 or older. Modern veterinary care helps many dogs stay healthy a decade or more, and small dogs sometimes double that and age gracefully well into their twenties. A longer life...
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OLD DOGS! I’ve got news! Many of y’all know that I updated and released a revised Kindle edition of Complete Care for Your Aging Dog this past fall. Well—now it’s also released in paperback! I know many folks prefer to have reference books in a physical book so I’m pleased that it’s now available...
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The news about my Kindle journey continues to be positive, with Complete Kitten Care continuing to sell well, now into the double digits in less than a month. I'm told (by them-thar experienced E-authors) that the key to sales is tags-tags-tags, and reviews-reviews-reviews. Well, that's one part of...