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Are you a caregiver of a Veteran? Ill and injured United States Veterans who have served our country are reaching out to their family members and friends for support. We cannot lose sight of the fact that there is an emotional cost of caring. Veterans Affairs Secretary Eric K. Shinseki recognizes...
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As we prepare to mourn again the tragic loss of life that occurred on September 11, 2001, and the 10th anniversary, it is incumbent upon every American to acknowledge the diabolical events of that day that equates along with FDR's Pearl Harbor message of a “day that will live in infamy.” Some...
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The virtual march will take place primarily on Facebook at http://facebook.com/The.DAV, but the tools to participate will also be available at http://www.dav.org and on Twitter, using the hashtag #March4Vets. This is not about Congress or the President – this is about veterans and their families...
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 Memorial Day, a day of remembrance and reflections on sacrifice and freedoms,hard won in battles over most of this planet. America has made Liberty's presence felt from one end of this world to the other,but, at great cost. Freedom is not free,someone in a US Uniform has paid the price.Think on...
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Part one of an interview with author and public speaker Brian Tracy.  It's a great interview where he talks about Veteran's coming back from the war and dealing with PTSD--amongst other things.  Check it out! http://masscasualties.com/2011/03/briantracyinterview/  
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     It is my sad duty this day to report to you the passing of Ssgt Robert Arthur Pictou/Branscombe USMC, Vietnam, Silver Star, Purple Heart, CAP Platoon Leader. On the Sixth of February 1968 (TET) the Village of Wa Fu,about 15 Km west of Danang S. Vietnam came under intense ground attack by two...
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 Specialist Tammy K. scoots around a throng of patients, visitors and staff in the wide hallways of the VA hospital in Palo Alto. Her shoulder length blonde hair swings as her slim figure maneuvers expertly between  wheelchairs and gurneys on her way to her job in the rehabilitation unit.  She...
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I'm getting ready to redesign my website into a more blog friendly format. www.MassCasualties.com www.MassCasualties.com  http://masscasualties.com/2011/03/the-carver-system-for-goals-part-2/ http://masscasualties.com/2011/04/how-to-be-a-stand-up-comedian/ http://masscasualties.com/2011/03/...
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Happy Veterans Day to everyone serving in the military right now, or earlier in your life.     I just had my old yearbooks from infantry training at Ft. Benning shipped here from storage in Denver, because I'm working on a story. Man, those brought back a flood of memories. They make...
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