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Some quick things that I didn't find a whole blog post for:   --I'm on page 65 of my newest manuscript, and we're rolling right along.   --I could be wrong, as the days have seemed to bleed together recently, but I think it's been over 90 degrees in my neck of the woods for over three...
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  A little something I remembered, the other day.    My French School in Rome used to dedicate 10% of the academic year to guided extra-curricular activities.  That year – the year I was sixteen – among our options was a three-day trip to Venice, Florence or Verona.  I...
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Robin Maxwell writes fiction putting strong heroines in compelling and fascinating situations.  Readers love her vivid descriptions and fast-paced plots set against well-known historical circumstances.  In February, Ms. Maxwell's latest book, O, Juliet, debuts -- a retelling of the familiar Romeo...
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Valentine’s Day approaches, and that always puts me in a Shakespearean mood. This year with a new book -- O, Juliet by Robin Maxwell -- and a movie -- Letters to Juliet -- coming forth in the next few months, I have Romeo and Juliet on the brain.  O Romeo, Romeo! Wherefore art thou Romeo? Deny...
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We were sitting in our seats at the ancient Verona Arena. The rain had stopped and we were waiting to see Aida and the live elephants. Our seats were good, but they were not the really expensive seats down below where they used to throw people to the lions. The people with the big voices and...
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Remember the story of Walter Raleigh spreading his cloak over a puddle for Queen Elizabeth? I mostly remember cartoonists making fun of the tale (i.e. the woman would step on the cloak and sink in up to her neck, etc.). But still, I was raised to make the chivalrous gesture whenever the opportunity...