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People become creative in the kitchen when they use what they have so in today's economic climate, there must be a lot of creative cooking going on. It's said, "true creativity comes with an obstacle". Today, that obstacle may be a tight grocery budget. Gardens also encourage creativity, eggplant...
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In my home we've learned to love curry, a mixture of spices, one of which is turmeric. I developed a taste for curry in London. As a vegetarian it was difficult to find meals but the Indian restaurants always came through. When you're far away from home and you walk into a restaurant and order warm...
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My husband laughed when I said this to him but my bean and legume soups help him to cut firewood, build barns, repair cars and ride motorcycles in the cold. A big bowl of split pea soup will provide 11 grams of protein; eight percent of one's daily Vitamin A, fifteen percent daily iron requirements...
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Yes, it's true; there really are good binges. In the last couple of days I've made soy burgers from whole soybeans, split pea soup (not from a can), whole wheat bread and pumpkin pie from my own home grown pumpkins. I've been running out into my California garden to retrieve fresh purple cabbage...
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I feel great today. What did I eat in the last 24 hours? The answer was lots of healthy, wholesome foods. As a vegetarian I have to work at getting enough protein but spending a little time in the kitchen provides me with plenty of nutritious alternatives. If you're dragging around, take stock of...
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I am not sure how I feel ...read more
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I was at Nick and Nat's Uptown 21 in Waterloo......   read more
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First I heard that Hitler was a vegetarian. That was long after I had become a vegetarian and it left me with strange thoughts. Then I saw this old documentary about the Nazis and the occult. It left me feeling odd and curious watching Nazis swimming in the woods, enjoying the pleasures of nature...
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New blog entry up about how Yoga can help veterans with PTSD: http://masscasualties.com/2011/03/how-yoga-can-help-soldiers-with-ptsd-part-33/  
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I've not cooked much of anything for the past month, mainly due to to the fact that Ryoma and I have both been ill, but I'm back in the kitchen now, along with my trusty sous chef... yay! Anyway, I thought it would be nice to try another Indian dish this evening, and I've opted for this one...