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I’ve encountered many interesting animals, reptiles and birds, living in my rural area.  However, I thought we all knew our place, a balancing act to live in harmony.   But lately things have changed. During the night a phantom critter, or critters, have been invading my vegetable...
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As the world population approaches 7 billion this year voluntary access to contraception and reproductive health services should not be withheld from women who want and need them. Heather Brittany discusses the importance of Congress’s need to focus on developing a responsible spending plan for the...
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A quick update on the vegetable garden.  I think the mystery squash is probably some kind of yellow-skinned pumpkin.  They have pumpkin leaves, and pumpkin shapes and are growing to pumpkin size.  Their flesh is also yellow, squash yellow, not orange at all.  They are sweet, wonderful to cook. I...