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I asked a writer-friend (okay, full disclosure, the writer friend with whom I’ve spent dozens of hours watching Buffy and Angel, though, unlike me, he never surrendered a precious, never-to-be-recovered week of life to all four of the Twilight books), “Why vampires? Why right now?” He said, “It’s...
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For me, the path of veganism has included wonderful experiences and lessons that I hadn't anticipated. Diving into the truth of compassion for other living beings has brought many rewards. In my new Huffington Post blog I write about the fears I faced and the reality of a vegan lifestyle when...
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So excited to have my first article ever for The Huffington Post published today. I wrote about the different therapies I explored, both traditional and nontraditional when dealing with cancer. Here's a link: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/maya-gottfried/integrative-cancer_b_860773.html
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“Zero-sum” is when one’s needs cancel out another’s needs.  I learned the meaning of this violent doctrine as a Russian kid playing “nozhichki.”  Nozhichki (“little knives”) is a game of divide-and-conquer.  First, with the point of your pocketknife you draw a sizable circle on hard ground.  Then,...
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We're in the middle of summer here in the Finger Lakes region of rural New York, amidst bustling farmer's markets and peaceful "pick your own" orchards and fields, which exemplify Earth's bounty and the simple beauty of eating plants instead of animals. In the evening fireflies trail...