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All of the pay-for-issues are available on the Kindle: http://amzn.to/bkmDjb The first issue can still be downloaded for free from our website or read directly in the browser.
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Recently got some nice feedback on the first issue of Jake: Vampire Hunter, Vol. 1, No. 1 from a reader in the iBookstore on Apple's iPad/iPhone: "I got into this story very quickly, the story has a solid base and will appeal to fans of vamps."  
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  Characters- Part I This is the first of three short observations about Characters.   When we thought the world was flat no one found it very interesting. But once it was determined it was round they lined up at the docks, signing on to explore the new and different lands promised just...
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                I’m reading Dracula for my British Literature class and decided to write my thoughts in the form of my blog.  The first question I have is how in the world did Jonathan Harker escape from Count Dracula and the three scary women?  I thought for sure that Mina would receive word of...
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Evernight Academy is a vampire boarding school that has just been ravaged by a terrible fire. Once the only refuge for Bianca and her lover Lucas, it is now no longer a haven from the harsh world that seeks to destroy every vampire. At the forefront of this movement to eliminate their kind is...
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Okay, maybe I am beginning to sound a bit like a broken record or perhaps a sinister pitchman near a dark alley opening their long black coat trying to get you to buy a watch.  My contest deadline is quickly approaching...midnight, Monday, January 18th.  You have a very good chance to win either a...
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SynergEbooks released my new book, "Reveka's Return." (bk. 1 of The Crimson Pursuit series)  It's a paranormal thriller/horror story .  For all you vampire fans, I hope it's something you can  sink your teeth into.  To help celebrate the release, I set up my very first contest.  Go to my...
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I recently researched various author's websites to generate ideas for me to revamp my site.  Along the way, I discovered some new authors and now have their books listed on my wishlist at Fictionwise.  It was entertaining and productive.  Here's the url to my website:  www.jameshoch.com   I created...
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Growing Up a Cowboy of the Vampire Universe By Weston Ochse  I was once a regular kid. Sure, I chased men down the street with dead snakes, chewed the heads off of goldfish and drank turpentine, but deep down I was a regular kid. In truth, I was the product of my environment, struggling at an...
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Sunday, November 22, 2009 Why are vampires so popular? Really, I'm curious. Perhaps its a sign of my age and relative isolation that I don't fully understand the vampire craze. The entertainment industry is currently driven by the genre of fantasy, which even I have to admit, I find...