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I’m not romantic, but …   http://markrhunter.blogspot.com/2014/02/a-valentine-message-or-else.html   “I’m going to tell you a secret: A secret that will seem stunning, coming from a man who writes romance novels:”
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While choosing the Valentines to send to friends and family this year, I began to think about Valentines past and when getting a valentine in the little pouch we made of construction paper in school was as much drama and pathos as pleasure. Charles M. Schultz did a few riffs with Charley Brown...
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Welcome to Thoughtful Thursday—a now-and-then blog that asks the burning question: Just WHAT were they THINKING?! Gift giving should be a joyous event for both the giver and the recipient. And I can’t fault a loving parent for wanting to make her child’s birthday wishes come true. Did you read the...
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It's snowing outside. On Friday, it will be two whole months since I moved in to my new little place, my new life. Earlier, I ate sweet mango and drank strong coffee in bed, accompanied by Silver's purring and Radio 6. Later, I will cook myself potatoes Dauphinoise, and tuck into the huge box of...