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This one's a tough one. I normally stand united with the cause.  I typically lean so far to the left that my portside palm scrapes the asphalt, embedding it with tiny rocks like meat and pebble cookie dough. I usually stick to the party line with the devotion of a toadstool-nibbling Deadhead...
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The best part of a long- term Afghanistan occupation is there's no shame in failing, since we'll be joining so many other proud names on such a very long list. The worst part of a long- term occupation of Afghanistan is the many moons it's going to take for us to figure that out. And according to...
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HI, Everyone-- I rarely do this, but I do feel that the issue of Gary McKinnon, which I wrote about today on the Huffington Post: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/jane-smiley/stop-the-injustice-free-g_b_372654.html is a terrible injustice, and I hope that you will go to the link and read my post,...
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  Today I’m experiencing somewhat of déjà vu. I’ve just read the most recent post on Jewsingreen.com concerning an Orthodox chaplain -- Army Captain Shmuel Felzenberg – serving in Afghanistan. The article is by Lee Lawrence, correspondent of The Christian Science Monitor.  In describing...