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I put Baby, my Underwood 5 "Touchmaster" up for sale on eBay.­   I typed on one of these during summer camp in the Marine Corps Reserves. It was  the summer of the moon landing, the summer of '69 when I met my father for the first time. I was twenty-four. Tappity-tap-tap, slide......
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On the phone, the woman’s voice trembled like a girl’s. “I’m looking for some flowers.” Long pause. “Do you have blue delphinium, white hydrangea and red roses?” I put her on hold, went out to the floor and found them all. Assured that her order was together, the voice said, “I’ll be by around one...
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  These stories were written in the early 1990s when the author, Samuel Rimler, was in his early 80s. He wrote them so his grandchildren and their children would know what he had done as a young man. As it turns out, it is a document for everyone else as well. It presents a picture, perhaps...