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Unless a top 10 list is derived from actual statistics, it's not worth worrying about, especially when it comes to books. The latest top 10 is 10 science fiction novels you pretend to have read.... The compilers of this list go on to list their reasons why you should have read these books. The...
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Why is it that some books have you eagerly turning the pages after your bedtime and other books work like sleeping pills? Partly, it’s style. Why is William Faulkner revered by many English majors and Mad magazine by other people? Style. Is it everything? “Style” is one of the elements of strong...
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“Happens all the time,” says Coyote. “That’s what myths do. They happen all the time. —Ursula K. Le Guin, Dancing at the Edge of the World Pat and I like this quote so much that we put it at the beginning of our new novel, Mayan Interface. It sums up a lot of our thinking about Story (with a...
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Reprinted from: http://nfaa.wordpress.com/  Very pleased to have Shalon with us today :-) Let’s get this interview moving… Shalon, where are you from and how old are you? I am from Canada and I am 33–the magic age where you begin to question “WHAT am I doing with my life?” and more importantly...