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up is always up.   (Rephrasing http://redroom.com/member/rosy-cole/blog/losing-the-compass#.UOlJp2djpLg.twitter)    
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   When I was young, I would often walk with my head hanging down. There were quite a few reasons I did so; the one that stands out is that I focused on all that was wrong in my life and could not imagine anything good, or beautiful, happening to me. In the last few weeks, I’ve notice a lot of...
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This past weekend I saw UP, the new Pixar film and I LOVED IT.  I wasn't prepared for the richness of the plot, and I cried three times. And when I wasn't crying I was laughing. (BTW, does anyone else do this? When I cry at the movies, I wait a couple of scenes before wiping away the tears, so...
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Step Up to the Mic:A Poetic Explosion Review Step Up to the Mic: A Poetic Explosion is an anthology that is edited by Michael J.Burt and published by Poetic Press/Xpress Yourself Publishing. The cover designed was created by The Writer's Assistant and will be released on September 25, 2007. The...