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2. Sailor Librarian: San Diego    At 17, I graduated from high school, gave up my job as soda jerk and joined the U.S. Navy.  The Korean War was underway; my mother had died, and Chicago seemed an oppressive place to be.            My...
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The Canterbury Tales, by Geoffrey Chaucer – The Knight’s Tale   image via en.wikipedia.org   There are two main archetypes that get the military-minded going, and Chaucer hits them both in this tale – evidence enough that his Tales continue to talk to us over the span of seven...
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Any person who plans to give away 99 per cent of his wealth to charity must be essentially nice. Warren Buffett decided, however, to sideline any financial feel-good advice he ever got and spoke about the parental ability to make a “better human being” of their children: "The power of...
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How to Bury a Myth     1.   First, make sure that your myth is truly dead.  Whisper "Orpheus" and stroke his leg.  If he pops up like a children's book, there's life in him.     2.   Think  Ace hardware.   If "ball peen" and "steel-driving" turn you on, you may not...
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A friend introduced me to this song. I think I've probably heard it before but it just did not stick because...I don't know. The melody is so familiar but the lyrics...gosh, the lyrics! Turn down the lights, turn down the bedTurn down these voices inside my headLay down with me, tell me no liesJust...