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My new novel The Object has been submitted to literary agents, and in fact has already received its first two rejections.  Once I reached two hundred, I stopped counting how many rejections piled up over the last fifteen years.  With a failure rate above 99.5%, one could argue that I...
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If you haven't checked out the sample chapter of Forever Gothic: Witchery and Rivalry, you can check it out here: http://www.redroom.com/blog/gothicgenie/sneak-peak-forever-gothic-witchery-and-rivalry-chapter-one-book-one   And if you're interested in learning how Marnie, one of the main...
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I'm a big believer in names. There is strength in a name. Sometimes weakness. And sometimes we give attributes to people just judging them by their names. Before I get into my favorite character's name, I would like to illustrate the point to show why this character's name is so special to me....