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Several pieces of memorabilia from the long-running hit television series Bonanza are going up for auction in Nevada, including the branding iron used in the Western’s opening credits. The family of Lorne Greene is selling a number of the deceased actor’s personal  artifacts and many...
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BILL REDELL 1960 (Freshman Team) Quarterback   I was very fortunate to go to USC when I did go there. It's part of my college experience and I consider myself a Trojan. I'm not bitter or feel I was treated unfairly just because I left. I loved the experience I had there.        I was at the USC...
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Last night I attended a panel at USC entitled "The Changing Face of Publication," hosted by one of my favorite novelists, Gina Nahai (Cry of the Peacock). The five panelists, with five different jobs and all deeply involved in publishing, offered a view on how publishing is done now and...