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Photo: Movie poster, from its Wikipedia page.   This is a very well-acted and -directed film that maintains its tension even though you know how it's going to end.  (It's based on the main character's book, after all.)   Paul Greengrass, director of United 93, a couple of Bourne...
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Photo: Book cover of the anthology that contains my recently-sold poem, "An Old Man."   You'll find it in this anthology of "poems of hope throughout the world."  This recent write-up says it better:   We are delighted to announce that “Hope Springs A Turtle” is now available to...
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Photo: A Florida Box Turtle, from the Wikipedia page for "turtle."  (You'll have to read below to get the connection between the title and the pic.)   Just a quick note:   My poem, "An Old Man," (which is not about an old man, per se; it's an extended metaphor, representative of...
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Or, Service Takes A Dive Monday's travels started with cancellations and re-bookings and continued. We checked our flight schedule. On time. Arriving at the airport for the re-booked flight, customer service said, "I'm sorry, that flight is delayed." By how much? "About two and a half hours. It's...
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New Yorkers have "seen it all" -- that's their attitude to life. It's not surprising, given the madhouse that is the Big Apple. But I've now officially done something that'll shock them. In The New York Times Book Review's crime fiction roundup by Marilyn Stasio, my new novel THE FOURTH...
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Thomas Carlyle wrote that “A well-written life is almost as rare as a well-spent one.” There may be some debate as to whether Timothy Leary’s life was well-spent. However, his biography by John Higgs is one of the most well-written and compelling books you’ll ever come across. “I Have America...