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"He wants to see the actor's mind in a shot." Actress Tabu said this about Ang Lee who has directed her in 'Life of Pi'. It was so beautifully put, but what does it really mean? Is the actor's mind reflecting the character or her/himself? Or, is one superimposed on the other?  Can one see...
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Hello there my spiritual friend,   I would like to take this opportunity to point out a few things regarding the contemplative life:   The contemplative life has an apostolic aspect, it is an idea, which the hectic activity of modern life is unfamiliar.  It is more appropriate to ask...
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as the little ones danced round the flames, the language of their elders poured from their pores. they could not speak for all the words that moved upon their young, taut flesh. they did not know what was being said from them, yet they knew that one day  they would ache to understand it.
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image via 9-1-1magazine.com   This post has little to do with my usual blog topics; instead it piggy-backs on a post my good friend and fellow writer David Frauenfelder wrote for his blog, Breakfast With Pandora, two days ago concerning the tragedy in Aurora, Colorado. You can find...
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image via photographersdirect.com   I was a tot back then, barely old enough to make sense of what I was seeing out the old black Studebaker Grandma had given Mom and Dad when Grandpa couldn't drive it any more. Hey! I'd say, what's that? I knew trees and houses and cars and clotheslines and...
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Chapter Seven Defending the Defenseless Make justice your aim: redress the wronged, Hear the orphan’s plea, defend the widow.   ‒Isaiah 1, 17               Without Mom, my father completely lost the will to live. He could do nothing...
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http://redroom.com/member/rina-macasaet/blog/agnes “I must have done something right.”  This is what I said to Agnes when she asked me a validating question about a conversation concerning my personal journey. She turned my words around and said; “say it again out loud, Rina.  I want you...
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Single handedly we smile when we want to and feel like we need to. Collectively we smile not nearly as often as we should, considering eachother's plight. We all, at times, struggle with life, and when we struggle we so easily forget the thing... the number one thing that grounds us all. Selfish...
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I exchanged emails this week with a musical friend. He’d been practicing for a performance, he told me: “The Jew leads the caroling, of course.” I haven’t actually sung one of them in decades, but I too, know the words and tunes, at least to the traditional Christmas songs of my youth: “Silent...
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Because You Know Problem: A lie is a lie until you be believe it to be the truth. This is the dilemma, which plagues our intuition, just as leprosy does to the skin. (See note) The solution: discernment. Likewise, within us spiritually, there exists within us a duality, which wrestles from within...