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Oregon is celebrating the 150th anniversary of its statehood this year - from February through July - in statewide events, including readings from 'The Citadel of the Spirit,' an anthology of writings from Oregon authors new, old, young, deceased, and residing in otherwise non-classifiable states...
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I've written short fiction, novels, poetry, and I've done some screenwriting.  I've had success in all four genres, though I would say that I'm mainly a fiction writer and poet.  I enjoy having two genres to funnel my inspiration through.  Sometimes, though, I wonder if I wouldn't be a better...
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Is this all there is? This is the fairy tale that we have all been hearing about since we were 4, or better yet since we were old enough to listen to stories. Come on, how many of you remember being tucked in at night and listening to a story being read to you? Or how many of you tucked your kids...
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We just all can's stop thinking about  Gaza. Yesterday some of the worse establishment newspapers in Italy attempted to take it out from the front page. As Peppe Mastruzzo says, is now just a humanitarian crisys: one of many! So, how to re-politicize it? First, is there a need to do so? Of course...
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Is what I did last week. 
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Several days ago, a nineteen-year-old young man was shot and killed by a homeowner when trying to break into that man's home. The homeowner saw the gun the young man carried and fired his own gun to protect his pregnant wife and two preschool-age children; he then ran out into the street,...
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may all your seeds of positivity be nourished and may all your weeds work as mulch        Moonlight in Huai-yang The moonlight in Huai-yang tonightso like that back home, so clear & bright! & to think: someone living thousands of miles awayis also facing the moon & looking this way...
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Guess what!?  My book, OUTSIDE CHILD: A Novel of Murder and New Orleans, has won an award.  Yeah! It was awarded the IPPY Silver Medal for Best Regional Fiction.  And it was a Finalist in the Mystery/Suspense category as well as the Best Regional Fiction (South) category in the 2009 Next Generation...
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Question: You said you wrote this story originally as a script before HBO’s Six Feet Under and pitched the idea around Hollywood.  Explain what happened and why you shelved the story? Michael P. Naughton: Call it Jungian synchronicity, collective unconsciousness or just plain old coincidence— or...
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     Sadie and I have downsiized. When the opportunity came to sell our house...that was way too big for just the two of us...we took it. Maybe we are guilty of leaping before looking, but the deal is done...the moving sale over...all the taping and packing and lugging and tugging...done... and now...