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It was a lot different “watching” softball this weekend than last.  Then we were in the stands at the beautiful Jack Turner Stadium surrounded by tall pines and seeing balls go over them as the University of Georgia softball team continued their homerun habit.  Of...
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A small snowy white and a large blue heron on right.  This is at the Oooka River near Kamioooka. My short story "Estimates" has appeared on The Bicycle Review #19.   http://www.thebicyclereview.net/current-issue.html  
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I say unto thee Mahmoud Ahmadinejad that your threats to annihilate Israel will not go unheard.If you continue with these sayings you will utterly fail and be cut off by the MOST HIGH who dwelleth among His people.
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Today I pause to wish Bill Cosby a Happy Birthday.He is 75 yrs.I salute him because I thoroughly enjoyed ''The Bill Cosby Show''.It was comedic,yes, but it depicted black people in a positive light.
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Enjoying the spoils of freedom are not without sacrifice. I thank everyone one of you service members here and abroad who galantly defend our security. I'm not close to many who do serve but the one family I am close to Doug and Cari Price deserve a huge shout out, YEW!....Doug is actively serving...
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Morning coffee, big back porch, breathing in the cool wet air.Raindrops dancing over the river.  A peaceful silence as my thoughts ran like wildfire through my head about the delightful evening before. Complete and utter happiness. left somewhat  in a daze. My own little fairytail....
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I don’t know what it is about summertime, but for me, summer has now become synonymous with roller coaster. The jarring wait as I clickety-clack up the highest peaks to feel the free-fall of what lies beyond fills me with thrill, spine-tingling chills, elation and fear, making me truly feel alive....
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My latest piece is up at BROAD STREET REVIEW.  You can read it here:  http://www.broadstreetreview.com/index.php/main/article/kate_atkinson_crime_fiction_for_grownups Here is how it begins: I don’t read a great deal of detective fiction, but that changed not long ago when I read Janet...
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After the 2008 Wall Street crisis  and after reading an article by Sir Courtnay Blackman[see my blog titled''The Collapse of the World Financial Systems'',I saw the distinct possibility of applying Temporary Structures[T/S] towards the formulation  of a new system to support the global socio-...
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Let us not upon these true hearts, Some blame ascribe, Or seek to extract, Any valid reason for loving.   For love seems sometimes to exist, Even in reason's absence, And has the supreme ability, Any void to fill.   Verily,love seeks not the face of hostility, But attempts the other cheek...