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Uncle Dog: The Poet at 9 | Uncle Dog: The Poet at 9

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First published book, Uncle Dog & Other Poems, Putnam & Co., Ltd., London. And sequence of "dog poems" in latest book, New & Selected Poems, 1957-2011. Now underway: Unleashed: The Dogs in My Life - publishing deal - book due in 2014.
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UNCLE DOG: THE POET AT 9 I did not want to be old Mr. Garbage man, but uncle dog who rode sitting beside him.  Uncle dog had always looked to me to be truck-strong wise-eyed, a cur-like Ford  Of a dog.  I did not want to be Mr. Garbage man because all he had was cans to do.  ...
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excerpt from Jack Foley's "Visions & Affiliations, A California Literary Timeline" re: Uncle Dog: The Poet at 9 • 1962 - Robert Sward’s Uncle Dog is published by Putnam (UK). This is the title poem: “Uncle Dog:The Poet at 9.” Dogs will continue to be important figures—even to act as...
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Having filled old diVoga Journal, March 15, 2008 - February 15, 2009, unable to replace it... I return to Office Max and buy a Ruled, Margin & Perforated 'Black n' Red' notebook, 11-1/4" x 8-1/4". Computer or not, I continue to write long hand... go up and back between MacBook and...