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  April 25       Coming Home to Work     I have arrived home to a beehive; everyone industrious, everyone filled with purpose, everything buzzing right along.  My response to this of course is anger.  I have a sting and I want to use it.  I have a place...
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(NOTE: There once was a union maid, she never was afraid 
/ Of goons and ginks and company finks / And the deputy sheriffs who made the raid. 
/ She went to the union hall when a meeting it was called
/ And when the Legion boys come ‘round /
 She always stood her ground. / Oh, you can’t scare me, I...
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Back and forth the saga goes. The price gouging and the laments of those who wish their childhood would live forever, please the folks cry, "Not the Twinkie!" In essence I should or could be one of those people to cringe. My lunchbox included those yellow, creamy bits of sugary deliciousness. I...
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I can't believe I'm actually writing about "Twinkies," --that rounded rectangular sponge cake with the vanilla cream centre. None of my coffee group have eaten it in decades, but they actually mourned this sweet confection's demise  as we sipped our lattes and savoured our buttery, apple/pecan...
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I am in a blue mood. It's nothing really; as Anne Lamott would say it's very very gold-plated. A workshop I would love to go to is a thousand dollars. A thousand dollars. I looked at the screen blinking, hoping it would change to a hundred dollars. Not to be rude, but who can afford thousand dollar...
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Have you seen the cereal and cookie aisles at the grocery stores lately? What is all this stuff? How many variations of one cereal do people eat? I remember when there was one Cheerios, one Raisin Bran, and one Rice Chex. Wow, do I sound old? I go to the grocery store a few times a week, usually...
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  May 4   DESSERT   I have to be my own appetizer; I have to be the thing that entices and intrigues me.  I must be the roughage, the salad full of color and variety.  The entree must be me, as well.  The things that sustain me, the meat of my life, I have to supply...
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When I opened the package on the morning of my eighth birthday I was horrified to see an ordinary Sindy instead of the expected glamorous Barbie. I am quite sure Sindy was placed on a shelf in my bedroom where she aged rapidly from lack of use. But my friend Rita had several Barbies and a Barbie...
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Many of us are thinking about dieting because we feel like bloated, unhealthy, repulsive blobs. The question is, what’s the best diet for me? Or, for that matter, you? There are actually more diets available today then there are human beings on the planet, leading to considerable confusion on the...