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Train Your Weaknesses. Race Your Strengths If I wasn't going to be cremated, I'd have this mantra engraved upon my tombstone, because it is the best way that I know to live my life. Anyone who knows me for more than a few days knows that I have been blessed with quick verbal, reading and writing...
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I first met KidThree in 1999, or maybe 1998.  Somewhere around there, anyway.  I was working for the Welfare Department in a very rough part of town, an area so dangerous that a cop was murdered just a few yards from our office.  (His murderer has never been found.)  There was...
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Dear Felicity, I don’t think I am particularly harsh. On the contrary, I feel a great and benevolent responsibility toward you. I want you to do well. And you don’t need me to bolster your self-esteem ― this is nonsense. All you have to do to get the ‘emotional support’ you say (but do not mean)...
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Hi word-lovers, After publishing my novel, Glitter Girl, a few months ago, I'm bending my keyboard in a different direction--a guidebook for tutors. I actually wrote this book with my colleague and friend Chris Balme a few years ago, but we never published it. Now I'm posting free excerpts and...
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Like thousands of others, I went to the movies last Sunday afternoon to see the much-talked-about “Precious.” And like those other viewers, I was moved by the emotional eloquence of this young woman in peril. There was buzz aplenty as the audience exited the theater: the tragedy of Precious’ life,...