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I've been mesmerized by a five-minute video shot in Cairo's Tahir Square, part of the Zero Silence documentary project, focusing on young people using new forms of organizing to change authoritarian regimes in the Middle East. In the clip, an unseen interviewer questions an unnamed young woman in...
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Like most people who follow the news I've been reading about the rapes in the Congo that have been going on since 1998, stories of such horror that it dwarfs any other brutal stories I've ever read. Old women, young women, children, no one escaped the tentacles of rape. I've never been to Africa. I...
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The Lamplighters, an international movement for recovery from incest and childhood sexual abuse, currently have six chapters in Africa; two in Nigeria, one in Sudan, one in Kenya and one in Tunisia. We have two more getting ready to start up in the near future. They are both in Nigeria; that will...