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  Unhappy with your Fantasy Draft corner selections? Haven't drafted yet and still unsure about who you are going to choose to man your corner infield positions? On Tuesdays edition of The Phil Naessens Show Fantasy Baseball Crackerjacks Fantasy Baseball Writer Eric Pleiss joins...
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  On the March 19th edition of The Phil Naessens Show Fantasy Baseball expert Nick Falk from Rotowire joins host Phil Naessens to discuss Starting Pitching options as well as a complete look at Closing Pitching options available to you for your upcoming draft on Fantasy...
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It's a dark, dreary Tuesday in beautiful Corfu Greece. It's the sort of day when all you want to do is stay at home, lay around in your pajamas, pop in a movie and just chill out which is exactly what I plan on doing. #crapweather     1). Online shoppers spent an estimated 1.5 billion...
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It's a dark and rainy Tuesday morning here in usually sunny and beautiful Corfu Greece. The weather still hasn't dampened my spirits and I'm looking forward to the day ahead.     1). Remember that lemonade I told you I had made out of life’s lemons? While I'm still adding ingredients to...
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Rain was forecast for Easter Sunday. It didn’t rain at all. Instead the air was warm, the sky—a soft blue with wisps of white clouds. Quiche Lorraine was a success, despite a small portion of the bottom edge of the crust burning. I could see it when I looked under the glass pie plate. I was happy...
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Let me just preface this post with the following statement of fact. You don't have to be a geek to hang out with me. But it helps. For example, I had lunch today with Hubby and his friend Josh. We were talking about the blog and more specifically about the most recent Tuesday Versus. It went a...