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October's introspection has lead to a few new truths:    ~I am responsible for myself, and only myself. ~I am what I eat! ~Exercise is cheaper than therapy ~I deserve to be treated with respect- always! ~Yoga changes my body and my attitude. ~Speak gently and with love ~Find something to...
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Deeper reflection this past week has revealed some truths about my life: ~ I have endured much. ~ I am often impatient with everyday events,  but I know the art of waiting patiently for the signs to move forward. ~ Opening my heart to LOVE is never wrong. ~ It is not my job, nor should I...
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I think we all agree gossiping can be a destructive and brutal session of throwing others under the moving bus.  Gossiping is also calming and brings people together.  I believe there is a lot of brain activity happening while people are discussing, dissing and talking about other peoples lives ...
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 ............." Polo is karma. I believe. Its also about a way of life. People notice the frills but there is much more. It's dedication. It is love. It's care and it's passion. It  is about rewarding and it's teaching. Learning all along forever. And it's a great sorter: The shallow ones...