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As a novelist, my job is to create something out of nothing.  Every writer is asked where ideas come from, and often we don't have an answer.  They pop up out of the maelstrom of curiosity, wonder, experience and innocence that make up the subconscious mind.  They seem marvelous,...
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I just found this in a file while doing a search for something somewhat related. After spending so much time with Pretty Much True…, there are actually times, now, I can’t remember whether something in the book happened only in the book, or whether it’s a real memory. A lot of Pretty Much True…...
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"Fiction reveals truth that reality obscures." -- Ralph Waldo Emerson Whether or not someone else can teach you how to write a novel has been debated. The answer usually involves whether the question is asked by a teacher or a struggling, beginning writer. The teacher will say, yes, I can teach you...
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One of the happy accidents in my life was when the chair of the Santa Monica College English Department, Nina Theiss, had called me out of the blue and asked if I’d consider teaching English at the college. She said she’d heard I was a great teacher, and I had been recommended by a colleague. That...
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  I find myself one week away from talking to an auditorium full of people on "The Pursuit of Truth in Fiction." I was kindly invited by Santa Monica College to talk about and read my work as part of its literary series. I said, "I'd love to," and days later when I was asked...