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Everyday I remain hopeful. For a hint or a sign that will ignite my path.  Validation.  Encouragement. Hopeful my blackberry will light up and lift my spirit.   I don’t believe in false hope.  Hoping is always good. Never give up! I am often reminded. So I keep the faith that...
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                                          "Few things help an individual more than to place responsibility upon him, and to let him know that you trust him."-Booker T. Washington...
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I am in London visiting a friend and we went to see her mother. I've known the mother for almost forty years, and she has always been sharp, focused, funny, and interested in everything. This year she will celebrate her 90th birthday and is still the same. My friend is very fortunate and I...
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It's lovely to be in love, but sometimes it can be stranger than fiction. Love can often be painful and stifling. When you are in love, life often stands still and it feels like there is no movement or growth. On the other hand, being in love can be inspirational and uplifting as the heart...
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I like candles. I always have one or two lit in my bedroom at the end of day. The flickering light helps to calm the day’s nerves. Practical wisdom has taught me how to empty one’s active mind. I sit quietly and stare, letting go of thoughts that overcrowd my mind.   Zen of a candle lit....
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January 31     TRUST   My sponsor always says, “You can trust people to be who they are.”  I am a different being in relationship to different people.  To some, I am the center of their constellation, the sun burning bright; I’m all they can see.  To others, I am the...
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Prayer in silence with eyes closed.  Tears in private where no one can see or hear.   It has been said that acceptance is the sigh of the soul. Surrender, to what is right now.   Trusting that everything will be all right, eventually. In the mean time, it’s letting go and allowing...
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What Is The Real Secret?  I can now understand that we made it through tough times by trusting in God, and I could not have done it without Him. I was living what some call “the secret,” but at that time I didn’t know the explanation for, or have a full understanding of, the law of...
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     Joan Baez said, "The easiest kind of relationship is with ten thousand people, the hardest is with one." Although she was probably speaking about her fans when she referenced the ten thousandpeople, I agree that it is much more simple to be friends and ...
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Trust in a little good luck to make it happen.