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I STEAL A MATCHBOOK FROM MARILYN MONROE/PART ONE/THE HORNY AND THE DEAD It's 1961 and Brooklyn isn't cool yet. It's still a tributary, sending stenographers and piece workers across the bridge to mother Manhattan. Where colorful locals "tawk like dis" and mourn their departed Dodgers...
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Author's Note: I went to Alabama three times to do research on the Harper Lee biography for young readers. This week’s blog is mostly about the first time I traveled to Alabama with my sister, Keely Madden, in the spring of 2007. In her hometown, Harper Lee is often referred to as “Nelle.” These...
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I'm reading Truman Capote's In Cold Blood about the 1959 murder of a Kansas family. If Capote's account is to be believed (And I'm not sayin' it is. It's a great yarn, but the whole thing has a pre-James-Frey-James-Frey quality to it.), one of the murderers, Perry Smith, fancied himself a would-be...
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I picked up the above title, a new play by Robert Smallwood, at the Monterey (California) Public Library, for several reasons. First, Brando's always interesting, and so's Tennessee Williams, so a play about them and `Me' struck me as intriguing. And, it's generally acknowledged that Williams...