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In the beginning of this year I decided to plan a trip to Europe and joined my friend’s tour in the French Riviera. Darcy, of Ciao Darcy (ciaodarcy.com) plans walking tours and sets up travel itineraries throughout Italy and the occasional French Riviera.  When I decided to take this tour I...
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New year's makes us think of resolutions .... read more
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In my excitement over my galette des rois I forgot to post about New Year's Day. So here it is. We always have the same breakfast; it has become the traditional way to start the year, truffled scrambled eggs. Simple to make, even with a hangover, although I didn't have one this year. The most...
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Our discovery of this second Italian store was a lucky accident. We were walking back home and literally stumbled across it. It was the small chalkboard outside declaring that they had white truffles for sale that attracted my attention. Ever since a trip to Alba we have had a passion for very...
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I spent a lovely afternoon at Callaway Winery a few weeks ago when researching last Sunday's feature in the Press-Enterprise about Temecula. The gift shop was decorated with gorgeous theme displays--all featuring wine and wine-style products. After browsing through the gift shop, my husband and I...