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If a throb could understand music, then Donna Summer introduced me to it. I did not know the word orgasm, I did not know what that pleasant ache meant. It just felt like a secret waiting to happen. Ours was a joint family. I had found a couple of nooks where I could indulge in fantasies which...
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For years on Saturday mornings I listened to KPFA, a local public radio station based in Berkeley. They had the best music shows back to back: Emmitt Powell’s Gospel Experience, where he played gospel music that even atheists loved, and The Johnny Otis Show. It always started out with a chorus...
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Václav Havel was with me, sitting across on a flowery print upholstered sofa in the verandah of a tony club in Mumbai. He lit a cigarette. Was smoking allowed? I do not know. I cannot remember. It was mid-1995. The staff was on strike and the British nobleman who had founded this club was a large...
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  I was on BART when I found out Betty Ford died. My first response was "Damn, damn,damn." Even though she was ninety-three, she was supposed to be one of thosewomen that lived forever. Of course that's not possible, but Betty Ford was proof thatnothing was impossible in life. Born...
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Talk to me some moreYou don't have to goYou're the Poetry ManYou make things all right... I was eighteen when I heard that song, that voice. I’d bought a “Time-Life Singers and Songwriters” box set for twenty dollars, and “Poetry Man” was one of the songs. I was in my living room reading and...
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This must qualify as a rather unusual way to mourn: by cloning Shakespeare. Ten face-lifts, ten months, US$153,000 will give Chinese author Zhang Yiyi the look he desires. He is using money from the royalties on his last book. But why look like the Bard? He says, “Life is a process of...
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There are images of her beauty. It’s gone. It was slowly going away, except for those speaking eyes and tranquil mouth. These were skin-deep. I don’t know if Elizabeth Taylor was among the greatest as far as her acting prowess goes. Larger-than-life she was and it was only fitting that...
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    Anyone watching the opening scenes of National Velvet could spot her right away. The dark hair, beautiful skin, and oh, those violet eyes. She stood out without even trying. She was that type of person. Her characters never took much guff. Be it Maggie The Cat telling off her brother-in-...
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 It's all about her 38 D size, her blouse that slipped off her shoulder, her pout. At 89, Jane Russell has made her exit and still these are memories people carry of her. I did not notice any of this when only a few months ago I watched Gentlemen Prefer Blondes for the first time on a flight...