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            Let us now pause and give thanks for an odd-numbered year.  For me, the best thing about this “off-year” November was that I could mostly ignore a trivial election and concentrate on what truly matters during the last weeks of...
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At this moment, I sometimes don’t understand Africa and our mentality. Before you come up with all sorts of comments against me, give me a chance to explain my case.  I guess it’s nothing new, may be it is for some of you, but what’s my point here? I cannot understand that we’re spending our...
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Throughout my childhood, my mum and dad told me many stories, about their respective upbringing in Northern Ireland and India, how they met and the origins of their beliefs and values. Unfortunately, I don’t remember too many of these stories, but the ones that have stuck are...
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Commander of the Faithful is narrative history built on the life of a devout Arab jihadist, Abd el-Kader, who resisted French colonization of Algeria for fifteen years (1832-1847) and then was imprisoned in France for five years, only to become a cultural hero of sorts in France (and elsewhere in...
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One of the nice aspects of the Red Room  "Night of 100 Authors" affair at Tosca's last Friday was the diversity of the people who attended.  Some authors looked barely of drinking age, others like myself were somewhat "more mature" in appearance.  But there were, indeed, young...