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Elizabeth & Terry took down the the Christmas tree.  This is the first concrete thing that I have done in the last two days.  Reading Raymond Carver's new bio.    
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My Tree   I’ve never decorated a tree by myself. There was always a friend, or two, it was a ritual, a moment of togetherness. It’s one of those plastic ones. Its branches are crippled, deformed, morphed into a lack of form after being stuffed tightly in a box in the back of a closet for a year. I...
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It all started with a cat. The cat set the scene. The memory starts with me on my way home from work wondering what to get hubby for Christmas. We were living in Kensington then, close to Berkeley and barely managed to pay the rent on a very expensive apartment. Still, we were so happy with so...
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She is the tree green and wide abundantly dressed overflowing spreading her sleeves blesses all in her cool shade solitude teems with breezy songs I feel nearer God               2   That autumn tree from this window looks like a young woman naked exciting birds to come kiss and play tomorrow when...
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 Farewell  The welcome sun had just set when I lit small white candles floating in a crystal bowl alongside delicate pink camellias. The candle glow cast warm shadows on a table in my glass-roofed solarium, where I could gaze up at the stars.  Covered by a white linen cloth once belonging to my...
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A Hermit Mimosa Summer and the mimosaappears in an overhangof vague beauty.There is the subliminal hintof white in her hair.A dozen trees press close. Sometimes the wind liftsa pink strand of curl.Her fragility,  small antennas,of pale music notes.Sometimes a warrior oakshakes his hands free of...
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To resemble the treeI had to be free,To flow with the airShe released her hair,Together we bendTogether we dance in the wind.When the wind blows hardWe do not fall apartWe dance, we don't break,We wave like rain ripples on the lake..To resemble the treeI had to be me..When the wind rests and the...
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When lightning strikes …  Yesterday I watched tree people prune the branches of the magnolia tree in my daughter’s garden in Vancouver, Canada. If you have ever seen a magnolia tree in bloom, it’s an unforgettable sight. This cutting, of course, was in pre-bloom period because the tree had grown...
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I promised a story on Wednesday about Christmas trees. Here it is in all it's dysfunctionality and puzzlement. Reader beware. It's really is the Chevy Chase, Christmas Vacation, craziness in your tree kind of story. It all has to do with perception of course. Perception of straightness. I wasn't...
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Finally it feels like Christmas, the tree is key. We picked ours up last Friday, selecting it in the dark and then hauling it up over the balcony into the apartment. We opted for this crazy method because the tree is tall over 3m/10ft, we have 3.5m/11 1/2 ft ceilings, and because getting it up the...