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Since I've sampled chocolates in Switzerland, Germany, Italy, Belgium, France, the Bay Area, New England, and the Pacific Northwest, I decided it was time to test my endurance and attend the San Francisco Chocolate Salon. The event started at 10 a.m., and I arrived at 9:40. When it was time to go...
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Part I talked about the dog owners on my residential street who have no consideration for their neighbors who wish to have quiet enjoyment of their property without concern that their yard is the depository for neighbor dog feces and urine.  Additionally, Part I bemoaned the off-the leash...
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  I do not know where the impulse to travel comes from but I have always had it bad, ever since I was four or five. A Vietnamese child living in the Mekong Delta, I remember listening to my French-educated father's stories of snow -on the gilded bridges across the Seine; in the well-groomed...
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I'm currently reading Eat, Pray, Love by Elizabeth Gilbert. It was recommended to me by a friend as I'm going through a similar existential journey. However...the rich, lucky Elizabeth Gilbert gets to actually travel on her journey. She gets to go to India, Italy - places I'd love to experience. It...
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Story in the San Francisco Chronicle this mornng. A historical marker on Rincon Hill left off the C in Charles Warren Stoddard's name, making him Harles. This will be corrected. I know about Stoddard. Though apparently gay, he fathered a daughter with Evelyn McCormick, a leading early California...
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Recently I had the god fortune to catch up with Mari Jamadi, co-founder of the very lovely travel and life website www.nomadic-habit.com. They met while working in cubical hell and decided that life should be more than ecru felt walls. This led them to give it all up and begin lives dedicated to...
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February 14     TRAVELING PICTURES   I parked next to a beaten little import.  The well of the passenger’s side was filled with empty sport-drink bottles and cans from soda.  The dashboard was a shrine: three taped photographs, one of a young man and young woman, one of the...
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I imagine that everyone has probably seen the incredible giant merionettes, but if not you can go here--http://www.worldseers.com/blog/2014/2/13/jan5hd0v253hwidirasmvxddggj845--to see a wonderful set of videos. People can do amazing things.
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Andre Phillip-Hautecoeur is not a writer, or that is how he defines himself, he is simply a person who had an urge to share something with an audience and write something about Paris. This he explains during today’s "A Book and a Chat”. Paris is a city where romance, history, fantasy and...
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        Streets we walked along yesterday are burning today – and not just in one city or country.  Arab Spring began with demonstrations and protests in December 2010, leading to uprisings and civil wars in at least a dozen countries, but they aren’t the...