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  Literary agent Amanda Luedeke posted at Jane Friedman's blog about using Pinterest as an author. Here's how I use Pinterest as an author. I have a board for a memoir WIP which is a way to keep it active as a project (and something others can peek into the themes of) even...
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For those interested in writing for iPads or other tablets, or for other transmedia opportunities, this shout out might be of interest. See this, too.Presented by via www.artsopolis.com
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We've posted here on transmedia before; here's an interesting post on two contrasting transmedia experiences: A brilliant future for Transmedia Story Telling –  use of television, Internet, recorded  and interactive media, social media, dedicated applications, but only if corporate free and to...
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With the growing interest in digital media, it's inevitable that these separate tech/communication paths will occasionally converge. While there will likely always be a demand for storytelling as a separate medium, it's going to be easier to add video - dramatic snippets, interviews, reviews....
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This is a final excerpt from the latest bookhitch.com newsletter. Transmedia seems a bit out there at the moment, but then so did e-books five years ago. What seems most relevant to today's readers and writers is set in bold below.  If the transmedia possibility takes hold, writing and publishing...
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This press release is about a fantasy property I created for Star Farm Productions. It’s called Kaimira, and I am leading creative development on it across media as well as writing the books (with one other author). For the book series I use the pen name Monk Ashland. BBC WORLDWIDE ANNOUNCES...