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On the 900-mile trek of mostly desert that stretches between Eritrea and Egypt, hunting for humans has become routine. Eritrean refugees who have fled their homeland fall prey to Bedouin or Egyptian traffickers. The refugees are held for ransom. Those with relatives abroad who can pay for their...
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  Slavery is not dead in America. Human trafficking – forcing people to work against their will –  is the second-largest criminal industry in the world; illegal sale of drugs is first. The money raised by trafficking girls for sex is used to purchase illegal drugs and guns, two commodities...
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Anyone abused as a child is aware of how damaging the smallest event can be to your self esteem. Someone tells you they have a 4.0 grade average at college and you think about the classes you got low grades in and change the subject. Or perhaps a friend mentions that you had worn a white dress the...